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L-PRF Platelet Therapy


We are introducing the use of platelet therapy into our office as an aid to surgical procedures, extractions, and implant placement. Tooth loss and bone damage can be a challenge for implant placement. Without enough bone support, dental implants may not be stabilized, and healing can be a long process. Platelet Therapy can help these situations. Platelet Therapy is created using your own blood. Leukocyte- Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) promotes healing and bone growth. It is made for you, from your own body using technology and a simple blood draw. The results give you improved healing and less recovery time. The procedure to collect L-PRF is virtually painless – no more than a simple blood draw. Your own concentrated platelets and other key blood cells are re-introduced at the site of your surgical procedure. Your body then releases powerful healing proteins. The concept is very similar to your body forming a scab and regenerating new skin after a scrape or a cut. A small tube of blood is collected, just as it would for a blood test. The tube will be placed in a centrifuge. Using a unique IntraSpin system, important cells and proteins will be separated from the blood and used to make a bioactive clot. When that clot is placed into a surgery site, it promotes your body’s natural healing process. Depending on your individual situation and amount of bone loss, your doctor can supplement your L-PRF clot with different biomaterials or bone graft materials to promote bone regeneration. Increased healing and bone regeneration will support implant placement and osteointegration. This will make implants more stable and a great option for replacing missing teeth.

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