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New Technology


We have new technology that we are excited to share with our patients.

We have recently invested in DentaPure cartridges for each of our dental units. This is a small object that looks very similar to a drinking straw. It is placed inside the water supply bottle on each dental unit. This device is a filter that filters out possible bacteria or biofilm that can sometimes be found in waterlines. This is very similar to life straws that hikers take on trips. It uses the same technology that was developed for NASA to ensure that water consumed in space is safe from harmful bacteria and other harmful organisms. Each cartridge delivers safe, compliant water for 365 days. There are no harsh chemicals involved and it is non-allergenic.

We currently use digital x-ray technology, but we have upgraded the sensors in our hygiene rooms. Our hygienists are now using the Schick 33 sensors to take x-rays. Using minimal radiation, these sensors produce a high-resolution image that can be viewed instantly, saved, enhanced, and printed. These crisp images help us to detect, diagnose, and treat dental issues. We recommend bitewing dental films once a year to help prevent major dental issues by detecting issues sooner rather than later.

We invest in our patient care because QUALITY MATTERS!

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