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Suzie Elza

The team at Morgantown Dental Group is exceedingly caring and professional. I’ve never been to a dental practice that shows such genuine care and understanding.
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Stephanie Solomon

Dr. Wilson is an amazing dentist and I’m proud to call him mine, and if for any reason Dr. Wilson is not available either Dr. Hawkins or Dr. Dolin steps in to take care of me.

Very friendly and professional service. No waiting for your appointment. Always have been on time with me.


Jacqueline L.

I used to be afraid of dental appointments. The staff at Morgantown Dental helped me overcome my fears. I am no longer medicated just for a cleaning. I enjoy good dental health with ease because the staff at Morgantown Dental didn't minimize my fears, they helped me through them. I'll never go anywhere else!


Amanda P.

I always have a good experience when I go there. They are always concerned about my wellbeing. I have been going there for 25 years. I would highly recommend them.


Lena R.

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