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Blake Stewart portrait

Blake Stewart

I choose Morgantown Dental Group for the knowledgeable staff combined with quality work.

After Blake suffered a broken nose during a basketball game earlier in life, his breathing and sleeping have never been the same.

“I never felt like I would get a good night’s sleep; I never felt rested,” recalled Blake.

Waking up several times a night and complaints from his wife about snoring prompted Blake to seek treatment. After participating in a sleep study, Blake was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea.

There are several treatment options for sleep apnea, and while Blake initially used a bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) machine, it didn’t fully meet his needs. Having already been a patient at Morgantown Dental Group for dental care, Blake decided to seek the advice of Dr. Josh Dolin, who offers a less invasive method of treatment for sleep apnea. Dr. Dolin suggested that Blake tries the Somnodent® sleep appliance, which basically looks like a mouth guard for sports.

“The appliance was great!” recounted Blake, “It was small enough to travel with, comfortable to use, and so easy to maintain. I simply had to wash it out after using.”

Most importantly for Blake, the appliance seemed to solve his problem of sleep apnea. Blake is now sleeping better, waking up feeling rested, and enjoying the simplicity of his sleep apnea solution.

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