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Chastidy Funk portrait

Chastidy Funk

Dr. Hawkins is truly my hero. I wouldn’t be smiling today if he hadn’t done such an amazing job giving me the teeth and smile I’ve only dreamed about.

Chastidy Funk first met Dr. Hawkins while he volunteered at 4H.

Chastidy recalled, “He was so great with my kids and everyone just really enjoyed having him there. So we decided to see if he was as good of a dentist as he was as a 4H leader... and he’s even better!”

She had experienced a tremendous amount of dental issues prior to coming to Morgantown Dental Group. When she arrived, she was in great need of a comprehensive treatment plan to correct the longstanding issues with her teeth. She required multiple root canals, gold to white crowns, and three dental implants.

“I was in a lot of pain due to the condition of my teeth. Eating certain foods was just simply out of the question, and I was so self-conscious about smiling. [Dr. Hawkins] was very open and honest with me about the situation. I completely trust him, and the quality of work is better than anything I’d ever received,” Chastidy explained.

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