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Joyce Pasquale portrait

Joyce Pasquale

Mini implants totally changed my mind about going through with dental implants. It was so easy!

Joyce had been seeing her niece who was a dental school student for her dental needs, but as her niece was approaching graduation, Joyce began to consider which dentist she would now use for her dental care.

“Dr. Josh Dolin was the professional dentist who would check my niece’s work while she was attending dental school,” recalled Joyce.

Little did she know, the future held some serious dental problems for Joyce, and she found herself with a three-tooth gap that would have to be remedied with dental implants. She had to see a periodontist for a traditional style implant consultation. The periodontist discovered that the bone in Joyce’s mouth was too thin to support traditional implants and Joyce would need to have a sinus lift to increase the amount of bone.

“The procedure was time-consuming, invasive, and painful,” recalled Joyce, “It isn’t something that you want to do twice."

However, the first procedure didn’t go as planned and the sinus lift would need to be performed again. Joyce became discouraged with traditional implants and decided to forego further treatment.

After a visit to Morgantown Dental Group, Dr. Dolin described a new procedure utilizing mini dental implants which are less invasive and very effective when less bone is available. The procedure is also faster than that of traditional implants.

“I’m so grateful that I decided to use the mini implants,” remarked Joyce, “They were so quick and painless.”

Recovery was also short, and Joyce had only mild soreness for a few days after the procedure.

“I can’t recommend mini dental implants enough” stated Joyce, “If a dental implant is in your future, minis are the only way to go.”

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