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Kelly Coen portrait

Kelly Coen

Morgantown Dental Group is genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of our family, going out of their way to provide the most convenient, accessible dental care.

Kelly and her husband Mike are full-time working parents of four very active children, juggling multiple basketball teams and practices, dance lessons and recitals, bowling, cross-country, band…the list goes on.

“Sometimes just to find extra time to go to the dentist is almost impossible. That is why I appreciate Morgantown Dental Group. They are convenient and always try to schedule all of my family’s appointments at the same time, making our lives so much easier," Kelly said.

Kelly, Mike, and their four children see Dr. Wilson for preventive, routine dental care as well as general dental services and are happy that Dr. Wilson is so good with the kids.

"Everyone at Morgantown Dental Group is personable and warm. I know our family is being taken care of and trust the work of Morgantown Dental Group. Dr. Wilson always informs my husband and me about our children’s dental work, and he has proven to be very knowledgeable," Kelly admitted.

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