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Laura Snyder portrait

Laura Snyder

I have not had a problem with any of my dental work from Dr. Dolin and I’ve never had a bad experience going to Morgantown Dental Group.

Even though Laura Snyder had been living in Morgantown, she admitted, “I had still been going to a dentist in Oakland where I had lived for a long time. I used to just travel from Morgantown all the way back down to Oakland to the dentist. But, I kind of had a bad feeling that something had happened with my teeth, and it caused me to change. My husband had been going to the original Dr. Wilson, so he suggested I call Morgantown Dental Group.”

Laura was thankful that when she called, she was able to get an appointment with Dr. Dolin right away because she had a dental emergency. At her visit, it was confirmed that she needed to have a tooth pulled.

“He was very compassionate and I appreciated his steadiness,” Laura said of first meeting Dr. Dolin.

Dr. Dolin diagnosed Laura with severe stress. As a result, her teeth grinding was creating major damage and decay to her chewing surfaces and even causing tooth loss.

“That was the first time a dentist had talked to me about implants,” Laura said.

Dr. Dolin educated Laura about how mini dental implants would be the most appropriate solution to replace her sporadic missing molars.

“Dr. Dolin is like a magician. He made the perfect sized teeth for my mouth. I don’t know how he did it!” Laura said with a smile.

Over the years, Laura has received eight titanium implants with implant crowns and a night guard, but she described her various dental procedures as a comforting experience. She especially appreciated the thoughtful checkins to see how she was recovering.

“[Dr. Dolin] is very personable and I always feel cared about. That goes for the rest of the staff, too,” Laura said about her dentist’s office.

Laura also said she feels confident that Dr. Dolin and his dental assistant, Diane, have such good chemistry and that it makes for a seamless and speedy visit every time. She has become a regular patient at Morgantown Dental Group and feels right at home when she reports for routine cleanings and checkups.

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