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Sharon Lindsay portrait

Sharon Lindsay

I have nothing but good things to say about Morgantown Dental Group and Dr. Dolin. He had big shoes to fill when John passed away, and he is certainly 10 out of 10 in my book.

“He was a great person, great husband, great father, and fantastic dentist. Morgantown Dental Group had been such a big part of our lives before John passed, and it was very difficult to come back to a place that had so many memories for us," Sharon recalled.

In 2006, Sharon and her family suffered the tragic loss of Dr. John Lindsay.

"If it had not been for Dr. Dolin who stepped in, I don’t think we could have stayed," she confessed, "He is a wonderful person and a very talented dentist.”

Sharon and her children, Sarah, Beth, and John, have continued to come to Morgantown Dental Group.

“I have a very unique perspective on dentistry having been married to a dentist for so many years. Dr. Dolin has done an amazing job for us,” said Sharon.

Sharon has since received dental implants, crowns, caps, in-office whitening, and cleanings.

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