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Shirley Muter portrait

Shirley Muter

There is nothing I would change about the Morgantown Dental Group office.

Shirley has had trouble with her asthma for the past 20 years. She was seeing a pulmonologist, and, after multiple sleep studies, was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Her pulmonologist then referred her to Dr. Josh Dolin at Morgantown Dental Group because of her sleep apnea.

“I was to the point where I would wake up and I couldn’t breathe, or, I would snore and would wake myself up. I would get myself so worked up to where I just wasn’t sleeping,” recalled Shirley.

Shirley’s lower jaw would slide back when she would lie down or relax, which was causing her not to breathe correctly. Dr. Dolin had a mouthpiece made for her to keep her lower jaw in place.

“It is almost like a retainer that keeps you from gritting your teeth,” Shirley explained.

She wears the sleep apnea device at night, as a more comfortable alternative than a thick sleep mask. Shirley was so fond of Dr. Dolin for taking care of precisely what she needed and sizing her for an appliance.

“The sleep apnea mouth appliance has made a tremendous difference in my sleeping. I can’t praise what Dr. Dolin has done for me enough,” Shirley said gratefully.

Shirley can now sleep any way she wants: on her side, back, stomach, or change positions in the night without discomfort or breathing problems, thanks to Morgantown Dental Group.

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