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Susie Elza portrait

Susie Elza

The team at Morgantown Dental Group is exceedingly caring and professional. I’ve never been to a dental practice that shows such genuine care and understanding.

From a young age, Susie was afraid to go to the dentist.

“My first trip to the dentist was to have a tooth pulled, and it was very painful. I became so fearful of the dentist causing me pain and using needles that I developed a dental phobia. I wouldn't go to the dentist for years at a time unless I had an emergency. Even then, each visit to the dentist was traumatic, further perpetuating my fear," Susie claimed.

Finally, after years of dental care avoidance, Susie’s embarrassment outweighed her fear.

“I knew I needed to go to the dentist. My daughter gave me the number to contact Morgantown Dental Group and I carried the number with me for over a year before I called, but I’m very glad I did,” she said gratefully.

“Dr. Dolin came up with a treatment plan and was so understanding and patient. The entire staff is thoughtful and worked carefully at my pace. In a year, I’ve had three crowns and three extractions. Dr. Dolin restored my oral health and made a special effort to reduce my anxiety and ensure my comfort. They demonstrated the professional confidence that led me to completely trust Morgantown Dental Group. I can say with certainty I will no longer delay dental treatment or cancel appointments because of fear or anxiety," she recapped.

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